Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Settling In!

We finally feel like we are settling in after moving in 3 weeks ago today. So many things have happened in that time and we are so glad to finally be getting back to normal busy life routine.  We even have a yard!  Now don't let the photos totally fool you we are about 85% unpacked at this point but there is a huge craft room (aka crap room) to deal with, Allie's closet, and some stuff in the storage area in the basement.  The cool thing is that we are fully settled in the garage and have both cars full time parked in there now.  Time is being spent putting on the finishing touches and hopefully soon photos will start going up.  We are living life though and fully enjoying it through the blessing of this awesome house.  We considered having a house warming party but have decided it's just so impersonal and we'd rather have more time to catch up so please contact us if you want to come see the house and we'll feed you and spend more one on one time with you!

Here are a few photos but if you want to see it from all angles let us know and we truly would love to have you over and spend time together!

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