Monday, August 5, 2013

Driveway, Siding, and Cabinets

Well once again those workers have been really busy on the house.  On a weekly basis there isn't always a lot to show for their progress but after a couple of weeks we have some updated photos to share.  We notice little things happening almost everyday.  They even have 75% of the trim hung throughout the house.  It will be more noticeable once the walls and trim are painted.  All of our outdoor trim has been painted as well and about 70% of the Siding has been hung.  This next week is going to bring a lot more updates and I have a feeling by next weekend we'll have more photos to share. 

For now we have a Driveway, Front porch, House numbers, Garage Door, Trim almost complete, Siding getting closer to complete, outdoor trim complete, Cabinets installed through the entire house, and even working electricity!


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