Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 28th, 2007

Fall time is upon us now and things are starting to get back to normal here in the Ross household.  Logan is 2 months old and starting to sleep through most of the night.  He is also now smiling and cooing.  Allie is keeping herself busy by getting into anything and everything.  She is also learning to use the big girl potty, some weeks are better than others but we are getting there.  Maddie is in the full swing of Kindergarten and loving every moment.  She has made many friends and really loves her teacher.  Maddie also loves it when she has homework and spends every afternoon do "homework", it really just copying words from books and cutting lots and lots of paper.  Tina is enjoying a bit more sleep and loving being a mom of three. She recently went to her 10 yr class reunion and had a very nice time. Joel is keeping busy with work and Tourney Logic.  Not much else to report except now that Logan sleeps longer times at night you find him staying up later again LOL.  The family as a whole is looking forward to their trip to Orlando coming up in Dec and the Holidays surrounding it as well. We hope that you home is filled with as much love and happiness as ours is right now!!  God Bless you all for being such a special part of our life and helping to make it as happy as it is.

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