Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Feb 1, 2006

Oh my where has the time gone??? Allie is now 10 months old today.  We feel like the last few months flew by with a blink of an eye.  It so unreal how much the girls have grown and changed in the last few months too.  Allie is 22 lbs and 29 inches.  She is in the 95% for where did she get that from. Maddie herself is only 36 inches and 29 lbs.  I think Allie is going to win that weight contest.  Allie is almost crawling and loves to eat big people food especially when her sister sneaks her something.  This has become quite the challenge though for Tina because Maddie is trying to be a mother hen in the not so good ways which also include discipline too.  Allison still has not teeth at this point and no signs of much either. 

Maddie is doing well.  She started preschool this fall and talks about it non stop.  She also is in swim classes.  Maddie got tubes again for the second time this fall. They are working great.  This holiday season was a great one. For those that did not receive the annual Christmas letter check back later as we will have a way for you to view it.  Joel is keeping busy with work and is still working from home a lot.  He has only had to travel for two weeks since having Allie.  Tina is just loving being the mom of two little girls and keeps rather busy between running Maddie around, going to the gym, and her new position on MOP's as the creative activities coordinator.  All in all things are going well here and we couldn't thank God more for what he has bestowed upon us.

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