Friday, March 4, 2005


Today we had another appointment and found out that I have to go in 2x a week for non-stress tests until she comes. Along with the non-stress test I have to have the baby's amniotic fluid index checked once a week.  This is done by ultrasound.  I guess we will be seeing a ton of her from now on.   This is due to my high blood pressure episode and it staying a little higher than it was two weeks ago.  I also have been told to do more resting than doing.  On a neat note they had to check on the baby's growth and she is still a she :).  Below are a few pictures from that session.  The 3-D picture of her is really great.  We also saw some great face shots from the normal ultrasound.  She is definitely going to have Maddie's chubby cheeks.  As per this ultrasound everything looked great including her amniotic fluid index.

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