Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I had a Doctor's appointment today and was informed that if my blood pressure continues to creep up to the 150 range that I would probably have to have a amniocenteses to check on the baby's lung development.  If it is good then they would probably take her sooner than planned at this point.  The do not at all want me to go into labor at this point also because they are worried that this would be very stressful on the baby, the placenta, and my uterus.  So if any contractions start showing up we will also be meeting her early.  We will continue to keep you all updated.  On another note we wanted to ask that when the time does come to meet this precious wonder that all visits except from our parents and siblings that they could wait till the day after the baby is born.  We know that at this point I will be in the hospital for 4 nights and the first day is really hard on me with being so drugged up that I don't remember much from that day.

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