Thursday, March 25, 2004

March 25, 2004

Hello out there.  Bet you all were beginning to think that we forgot about you.  Well we didn't and we are still alive and doing great.  Time can really fly by when you are having a ton of fun.  Things in the Ross household have been really keeping us all on our toes.  A lot has happened since the last update.  Joel and Tina celebrated their 3rd anniversary this June and Maddie gave them a present that they would never forget.   She decided that today is the day I'm done crawling and use my feet to fly around the house.  Maddie also celebrated her first birthday in June with style as Elmo took the main stage as the theme to her party.  We took the house off the market at the end of August due to the fact that we couldn't find a new home and had no offers made on ours.   Tina tried going back to school this fall but was unable to imagine not being involved in Maddie's life as much as she had been in the past, so she has postponed her last five classes for a few more years.  She then decided to baby-sit two boys from across the street, Caleb who is 12 and Cole who is 4, a few days a week after school and is just loving it.  Maddie also has made a new friend out of this adventure, she and Cole are inseparable when the boys are here.  Maddie and Tina also went back to swim class this fall and made yet another new friend who lives a block around the corner.  Ayla is 3 months  younger than Maddie, and she comes over once a week for 3 hours while her Mommy (Amy) gets their house ready for a new baby due in September.  Christmas was a bit hectic we spent 5 days straight from Christmas Eve making the rounds.  As you can guess we were all jollied out by the end of the 5 day run.  Joel's job with Sagestone has been keeping him very busy.  He started a company with the friend that got him his job at Sagestone.  The name of their company is Tourney Logic, please feel free to check out their site.  The best way for to describe what they are doing is to say that they build pool management software.  It has been used by some very big companies this March to run pools for March Madness.  I'll let you check out the site to find out who they are, you will also see why I'm not mentioning the biggest one in this update. 

As we look forward to the summer we are planning on making a few trips and just enjoying our time being able to go more places than last summer.  We will start the summer with a trip to see Tina's cousin Sara and her husband Ryan in Baltimore.  We hope to get season passes to Michigan adventure to enjoy being able to live so close and if you are up for a lazy day  in a water park let us know and we can join you there.  We then plan to end the summer with a trip over Labor Day to Myrtle Beach with Tina's parents to celebrate her Dad's 50th birthday.  We think it's a bribe so we won't throw a party, it worked :).  That is all for now and we promise to do better on keeping you updated as now Tina knows how to upload the new info.  God Speed.

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