Wednesday, March 19, 2003

March 19, 2003

It's weird to look back at our previous updates and to see how much Maddie continues to change.  Since our last update Maddie has learned to crawl and really gets around now. She is into pulling on speaker wires and climbing the stairs and using her toys as jungle gyms, which of course is not what they were meant to be used as.  Maddie is also walking along furniture and getting into everything that she finds, especially what Mommy doesn't see.  She is really babbling up a storm now and says Mama, Dada, Bye bye (which sometimes includes a goodbye wave), Hi, Bob (we have no idea where that came from), and a word that sounds a bit like doggie.  Most of her time is spent trying to chase the cats around the house and climbing all over Kelsey, who tolerates it very well.  It's amazing how fast almost 9 months has gone. We are already talking about how we want to spend her 1st birthday.  We recently found out that Maddie's Uncle Brandon is moving home from California and this has made all three of us very happy.  Well that is all for now.  We will continue to try and update at least once every other month.  Maddie will have her 9 months pictures taken at the end of March so watch for those to be up very soon.  Until then God Bless.

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