Monday, November 4, 2002

November 4, 2002

Once again it is time for an update.  Maddie is really the only one doing much changing here in the Ross family.  She just turned 4 months, and we had her pictures taken.  We have a few pictures up from that session and will have more up shortly.  Maddie has a new past time, and it's called testing her vocal cords to see how high of a pitch she can make and how loud it is.  Most times it's rather funny, but there are times when Tina wishes she would go back to enjoying sucking on her shirt sleeve, that was much quieter.  On October 27th Maddie was baptized at Rockford United Methodist Church.  We were very excited to welcome her into Gods family.  Pray for us in our journey that we continue to raise her to become a strong, loving, and Christian woman one day.  If you would like to write her a special message that she will open when she is 16 or becomes a member of the church let us know and we will get you one of the sheets that everyone at the Baptism used.  We would also like to put out a special thanks to all of you that were there to worship and celebrate with us, it was a very special occasion that we will always hold dearly in our hearts.  That is really all for now.  If you check back on November 20th there will be more pictures up to view.  Until our next update, Godspeed.

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