Wednesday, June 5, 2002

June 5, 2002

As you can see we once again did not keep our promise to keep you all updated.  A lot has been happening since the last time.  Tina has grown a ton since March, so we actually have picture of her now that you can find on the "All About Baby" page.  We are 36 1/2 weeks along now, and so ready to meet this little one.  Mom and baby are both doing great and everything is going along as expected.  There have been no complications so far and it has been a very wonderful experience.  To make things a little more crazy Joel has decided to leave Crowe Chizek and start a new job at a place called Sagestone.  They are very similar to Crowe Chizek in the fact that they are a consulting company but most of their work is local.  This move came because of Joel's decision to want less travel and more time to do family things.  Sagestone is located on the east side of Grand Rapids and isn't going to change his commute too much.  This move, however, has made us consider moving back close to Grand Rapids in the next couple of years, but there are no plans at this time.  Joel's last day at Crowe Chizek will be June 7th and his first day at Sagestone will be June 11th.  On June 10th we will be celebrating our second anniversary.  This year has been so great for us because God has blessed us in so many ways.  We look forward to sharing the news of our child with all of you real soon.  Until then, I pray that God continues to Bless you all. 

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