Tuesday, March 12, 2002

March 12, 2002

Well so much for staying on top of the website.  There is however an excuse for this late update and it was the temporary death of Joel's computer which houses all of the website program stuff.  Enough excuses, you are probably wondering how everything is going.  The pregnancy is going great we are 24 weeks along and doing great.  Tina has been feeling the baby move a lot lately and is really enjoying the whole pregnancy.  We have had our 20 week ultrasound already and have the picture up on the "All About Baby" page.  We also have a 10 week ultrasound up on that page now too. 

We did not find out the sex of the baby, and even if we had wanted to the baby decided to fully keep it from both us and ultrasound technician.  In the next month or so we will probably add a belly shot to the baby's page, but right now Tina really isn't showing all that much of baby yet.  We plan to use the baby page to keep you updated about the baby and look for the announcement of the birth between the end of June and the beginning of July.  We will also put up a ton of pictures too.  Joel is almost done traveling to Ann Arbor, but he will not be done working on a project for Domino's because they have asked him to do more work.  He will be doing the same stuff he has been doing but he can work from home or the office on it now.  Right now this is planned until the end of May but we are hoping for another extension.  For now that is all of the new news that we have for you and we promise to try to keep you all better updated.  Have a great Easter and a wonderful time spending time with your families on a very special day!!!

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