Monday, November 4, 2002

November 4, 2002

Once again it is time for an update.  Maddie is really the only one doing much changing here in the Ross family.  She just turned 4 months, and we had her pictures taken.  We have a few pictures up from that session and will have more up shortly.  Maddie has a new past time, and it's called testing her vocal cords to see how high of a pitch she can make and how loud it is.  Most times it's rather funny, but there are times when Tina wishes she would go back to enjoying sucking on her shirt sleeve, that was much quieter.  On October 27th Maddie was baptized at Rockford United Methodist Church.  We were very excited to welcome her into Gods family.  Pray for us in our journey that we continue to raise her to become a strong, loving, and Christian woman one day.  If you would like to write her a special message that she will open when she is 16 or becomes a member of the church let us know and we will get you one of the sheets that everyone at the Baptism used.  We would also like to put out a special thanks to all of you that were there to worship and celebrate with us, it was a very special occasion that we will always hold dearly in our hearts.  That is really all for now.  If you check back on November 20th there will be more pictures up to view.  Until our next update, Godspeed.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

October 9, 2002

Hello all.  Things are going great here in the Ross household.  As you can see from the Maddie page that she is growing more and more every day.  She is starting to eat cereal and baby food now.  Her favorite is beans, go figure!!!  She loves to smile and is really trying hard to laugh but right now it's more of a cackle.  Maddie is also working on trying to roll over.  Her thumb has become her number one thing to suck on, unfortunately it means that her shirt sleeves are getting soaked too.  If we gave Maddie the choice to stand up all day by hanging onto our fingers I am pretty sure she would take us up on the offer, for this is her favorite thing to do at this point.  When she isn't standing she is wanting to sit in a sitting position.  She continually amazes us with her new tricks everyday.  In fact today for the first time she grabbed a toy that Tina was holding in front of her from Tina's hands.  Well that really is all for now.  Not much has changed for Tina and Joel, but we will let you know if it does :).

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

August 28, 2002

Things have really changed in the Ross house.  As most of you know on June 29th 2002 at 4:22 am we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Madeline Jade.  Our lives have been forever changed and she has stolen our hearts.  Tomorrow Maddie will be two months old.  It is so hard to believe that she has blessed our live the last two months in so many ways.  She continues to grow everyday.  She now has mastered the art of smiling even when she isn't suppose to, like when she is suppose to be eating.  She also loves to spend her days cooing at her bears that hang above her swing.  Joel swears that she even got into a fight with them once.  She has made up with them since and they continue to find new things to talk about every day.   We have added some new pictures of her on her website.  Joel's new job is going great and he is really enjoying it.  Tina is also loving her new job as full time Mom.  We will try our very best to stay on top of updates for all of you die hard fans ;-).

Saturday, June 29, 2002

Our First Baby

Born on June 29th, 2002 at 4:22 am
8 lbs 4ozs
19 1/2 inches

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

June 5, 2002

As you can see we once again did not keep our promise to keep you all updated.  A lot has been happening since the last time.  Tina has grown a ton since March, so we actually have picture of her now that you can find on the "All About Baby" page.  We are 36 1/2 weeks along now, and so ready to meet this little one.  Mom and baby are both doing great and everything is going along as expected.  There have been no complications so far and it has been a very wonderful experience.  To make things a little more crazy Joel has decided to leave Crowe Chizek and start a new job at a place called Sagestone.  They are very similar to Crowe Chizek in the fact that they are a consulting company but most of their work is local.  This move came because of Joel's decision to want less travel and more time to do family things.  Sagestone is located on the east side of Grand Rapids and isn't going to change his commute too much.  This move, however, has made us consider moving back close to Grand Rapids in the next couple of years, but there are no plans at this time.  Joel's last day at Crowe Chizek will be June 7th and his first day at Sagestone will be June 11th.  On June 10th we will be celebrating our second anniversary.  This year has been so great for us because God has blessed us in so many ways.  We look forward to sharing the news of our child with all of you real soon.  Until then, I pray that God continues to Bless you all. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

March 12, 2002

Well so much for staying on top of the website.  There is however an excuse for this late update and it was the temporary death of Joel's computer which houses all of the website program stuff.  Enough excuses, you are probably wondering how everything is going.  The pregnancy is going great we are 24 weeks along and doing great.  Tina has been feeling the baby move a lot lately and is really enjoying the whole pregnancy.  We have had our 20 week ultrasound already and have the picture up on the "All About Baby" page.  We also have a 10 week ultrasound up on that page now too. 

We did not find out the sex of the baby, and even if we had wanted to the baby decided to fully keep it from both us and ultrasound technician.  In the next month or so we will probably add a belly shot to the baby's page, but right now Tina really isn't showing all that much of baby yet.  We plan to use the baby page to keep you updated about the baby and look for the announcement of the birth between the end of June and the beginning of July.  We will also put up a ton of pictures too.  Joel is almost done traveling to Ann Arbor, but he will not be done working on a project for Domino's because they have asked him to do more work.  He will be doing the same stuff he has been doing but he can work from home or the office on it now.  Right now this is planned until the end of May but we are hoping for another extension.  For now that is all of the new news that we have for you and we promise to try to keep you all better updated.  Have a great Easter and a wonderful time spending time with your families on a very special day!!!