Saturday, December 15, 2001

Our Little Miracle

Hello Friends and Family.  It has been a while but we are back up and running again.  It's hard to run a website without a cable modem, but as of today we are set to go.  Well as many of you already know the most exciting news that we have to share is the expected birth of our first child on June 29, 2002.  We will keep you all updated as the pregnancy progresses. 

On a not as exciting note, Joel has been in Ann Arbor every week now since the middle of August working on a project at Domino's Farms.  He has an apartment down there and leaves every Monday morning and returns on Friday nights.  The hope is that he will be done the end of March, but we will let you know what happens.  Tina has also been going down to Ann Arbor  with Joel some weeks when she isn't busy. 

The plan of going back to school this past fall was changed for Tina when GVSU lost her Financial Loan applications and her classes were lost.  The pregnancy was a nice little change in pace and she decided not to go back for the winter semester, so that she could get ready for the arrival of the baby.  She hopes to go back when the baby is a year old.  We will also try and keep things more up to date than in the past so please come back often and visit.  We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! 

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