Saturday, December 15, 2001

Our Little Miracle

Hello Friends and Family.  It has been a while but we are back up and running again.  It's hard to run a website without a cable modem, but as of today we are set to go.  Well as many of you already know the most exciting news that we have to share is the expected birth of our first child on June 29, 2002.  We will keep you all updated as the pregnancy progresses. 

On a not as exciting note, Joel has been in Ann Arbor every week now since the middle of August working on a project at Domino's Farms.  He has an apartment down there and leaves every Monday morning and returns on Friday nights.  The hope is that he will be done the end of March, but we will let you know what happens.  Tina has also been going down to Ann Arbor  with Joel some weeks when she isn't busy. 

The plan of going back to school this past fall was changed for Tina when GVSU lost her Financial Loan applications and her classes were lost.  The pregnancy was a nice little change in pace and she decided not to go back for the winter semester, so that she could get ready for the arrival of the baby.  She hopes to go back when the baby is a year old.  We will also try and keep things more up to date than in the past so please come back often and visit.  We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! 

Friday, May 4, 2001

May 4, 2001

Well this update brings new news!!! We have decided not to build in Belmont after all.  We have found a home in Spring Lake and if all goes well we hope to be moving in, in 2-4 weeks :).  We will of course expect all of you to come visit us ;-).  We are hoping to have a house warming/ BBQ June 9th, but we will let you know more once that actually get closer.  On another note we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on June 10th.  It has been a wonderful year and we hope with many many more to follow .  We will be adding pictures of the new house this weekend so be looking for them on here some time next week.

Monday, April 16, 2001

April 16, 2001

Spring is finally here!!!  I hope that this wonderful time of the year has brought you all new blessings.  Things are going well in The Ross home.  We are currently working with a builder and it looks like we may start breaking ground on our new house in 14 days.  Things have been really busy for Joel he has been back and forth between Boston every week since March. (Only 4 more weeks to go).  He is working on a project right downtown next to the bay for a company called SSgA.  He is really enjoying himself, but is ready to get back to a more normal life.  Tina has been spending her time finishing up this semester of school.  This has been a very rough semester for her and due to this she has decided she might take a break for a while from school.  She has also been missing Joel, but was lucky enough to get to accompany him out to Boston for a week.  We had a fun time seeing historic Boston and of course Cheers.  We hope to have a ton more news for all of you within the next few months so watch for an update and more pictures to come.

Sunday, February 11, 2001

February 11, 2001

Well, we made it through the Christmas Season and we are still alive :)

Right now things are looking great!!! We are currently in the planning stages for building our new house in Belmont. The plan is to the house built and ready for move in some time between November -December 2001. At the same time Tina will be graduating from GVSU. (She is so ready) Work is keeping Joel mighty busy this time of the year, but he doesn't mind.